Oct 22 2008

Let Teddy Win

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The Washington Nationals have gone far higher up on my list of baseball teams I like.  I just found out that they have President’s Races at the games, where mascot presidents race each other.  The funny part is that it seems like Teddy Roosevelt is always in the lead at first but always somehow ends up losing! >:/ (He’s my favorite President for those of you who don’t know)  Hahah, check out the Race Standings.  They even had this campaign to let him win, with Teddy Roosevelt ’08 signs!  I LOVE IT!!  I also love how their numbers are the number President that they were.

and a couple more vids below the fold…

Photo by Scott Ableman.

Here they are on Segways:

One more, funny fan-comment at the end:

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3 Responses to “Let Teddy Win”

  1. Emily says:

    Ahhaha! I’m surprised Washington didn’t win. Lincoln ftw!

  2. The photographer says:

    Glad you like the photo. I just ask that you provide attribution and link back to flickr per the creative commons license and flickr terms of use.

    Go Teddy!

  3. Joz says:

    Oh, certainly! Sorry, I haven’t used flickr too much myself and somehow it didn’t really register with me that I was at a flickr site where I found that, and I didn’t realize this was a personal photograph! So, by all means, I’ve added the credit information. Thanks, and thanks even more if you are the photographer, cool pic!

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