Jan 10 2015

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Jan 10 2015

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Jan 10 2015

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Jan 10 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 08 2015

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Jan 08 2015

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Jun 25 2013

Cirqus Voltaire

Category: Games, TechnologyJoz @ 1:46 pm

I’ve been playing The Pinball Arcade after finding out about it at E3.  Unfortunately on the Xbox 360′s version they don’t have most of the tables available.  Regardless, I bought the extra packs that they do have to get machines like Medieval Madness and Funhouse, and there was a machine in one of the packs that I never played, but am addicted to and in love with right now: Cirqus Voltaire  Basically also a testament to how great this piece of software is – whereas of course it’s not nearly as good as playing these games physically, it’s still pretty good, and good enough to make me fall in love with a new pinball machine that I’ve never even physically played.

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Jun 21 2013

NBA Live 14: Another Cancellation?

Category: GamesJoz @ 9:00 am
Kyrie Irving from NBA Live 14

“Please EA, let me live!”

As I’m a player of the NBA 2K series of late, and was a fan of the NBA Live series before, I wanted to see what EA had to show for NBA Live 14 at E3 this year, since they’ve been trying to restart the franchise after skipping 11, 12, and canceling NBA Live 13 at the last minute. What they had to show was utterly disappointing. Listen to this: What they had was a half-court, with Kyrie Irving only… in a solo shoot-around… in an empty stadium. They were trying to show off their dribbling system… which I didn’t see being all that much better than 2K13‘s in the end. The focus was heavily on showing said dribbling system, and you could shoot, but Kyrie had minimal basic dunks that you could only do sometimes. The graphics? Not bad, but I didn’t notice them to be better than 2K13, which isn’t saying much, being that Live 14 was running on a next-gen console!!

Basically, I think they’re up shit creek without a paddle, and I wouldn’t be surprised if (would bet that?) they are going to cancel again this year. The guy presenting the game to me had an air about him that felt like he was up against a giant in the 2K series (which they are), and that they’re trying, but they know they’re probably going to get squashed in two seconds with what they currently have. It was a very, “you know how they do X in NBA 2K? Well check out ours…” For example, he asked me if I saw the LeBron James talking face that 2K put out, which I did, and then he showed me their version of Kyrie Irving doing the same thing, which looked great, but by no means better.

The problem is that it’s June, 2013, it’s E3, and this is all that they have to show of the game, a joke of a demo. How in the world are they going to get a complete NBA simulation done in four months if this is all they feel they have to show right now? Will the game include an All-Star Weekend? Couldn’t tell me. Who will the announcers be for the game? Couldn’t tell me. Every question was met with “We want to save those kinds of announcements for a bigger impact later.” I don’t buy it. I don’t think they have it, or I don’t think they have it far enough along to put it out this year.  Maybe they’ll somehow bang it out and prove me wrong in the next four months. We’ll see, but it’s not looking good so far.


And now, for related humor, the Bynum Crucifixion bug (from EA’s last basketball release, the NBA Elite 11 demo, before they canceled the full game)

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Jun 17 2013

E3 2013

Category: Games, TechnologyJoz @ 11:59 am

Went to E3 for the first time in 10 years!  Decided to do a write up of my experience.  In this write-up, I don’t really review games for the Xbox One/PS4 – those are pretty much hardware reviews. I do review some Nintendo games, and then give general commentary about the show.


Xbox One

Ok… so I’ve played with it. First of all, it’s not as ugly in real life. Secondly, the controller is amazing! They had some demo software just for showing off the controller features. Non-surprising and at the same time surprising (because really Microsoft, STILL!?) the software was crashing all the time. Anyway back to the controller… it’s the same shape and all so it still feels great. They have 4 motors in there for vibration, one on each hand side, and then there is one for each trigger, and those trigger motors are amazing. The triggers can make this very concentrated vibration that has such a unique feel to it. It feels like a small electric shock on your fingertips, but without the pain of course. Very impressive, hard to accurately describe, you just have to try it yourself.  One minor thing I’m not too big on (pun coming!) is the overly large A B X Y button labels.  I thought they had it perfect with the more subtle but still obvious buttons on the 360.

Then there’s the Xbox One Kinect. This thing is also amazing. It’s got a 1080p camera, but it’s really about what they’ve done with it. It can detect up to six people at once, and in addition to having 3D mapping and IR nightvision, it can wireframe everybody, down to their fingers, as they move around. Then it gets really crazy. It can detect how much force each muscle is using, turning those muscles an increasingly darker red as you put more force on them. Surely this is just a physics algorithm based on gravity and motion, but it’s still pretty damn cool. It can also track each person’s face, and this is where it gets even more crazy.

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Apr 21 2009

Category: Games, MusicJoz @ 12:39 am

Fuck yeah, actually.  Me and my friend Murt were talking about our Pandora stations the other day, and we were mentioning how we both guess we need to listen to more Journey as they come up on our stations and we like some of their songs.  Turns out I think I only like this one so far, but I like it a lot.  Anyway, then after reading about the band, major childhood visual memory connection!: I remembered that I always had/played this weird video game when I was a little kid but never knew what it was, thought it was some sort of weird space adventure, and couldn’t understand why I had to run away from the legged hearts in space.  Of course I ran at them and died unexpectedly the first time or two that I played (if I recall the game correctly).  HAH!  Who knew that 25 years later I’d find out what it was.

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Nov 27 2008

Lucky Birthday

Category: Fun, GamesJoz @ 1:36 am

Found this on The Hydra, which is in turn from Waxy

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Oct 24 2008

Girls Aloud Odds ‘N’ Ends

Category: Games, MusicJoz @ 1:00 pm

Looks like they’ll be doing Nintendo DS commercials in the UK, which is pretty appropriate since I believe I remember my girlf telling me that Sarah has commented in the past about her DS-playing.  Also, nice to know that Billy Corgan is a fan, don’t know about that “better than the Beatles” comment though.

Looks like Coldplay has dabbled a bit too.

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Oct 22 2008

Let Teddy Win

Category: Comedy, Fun, Games, PoliticsJoz @ 1:05 am

The Washington Nationals have gone far higher up on my list of baseball teams I like.  I just found out that they have President’s Races at the games, where mascot presidents race each other.  The funny part is that it seems like Teddy Roosevelt is always in the lead at first but always somehow ends up losing! >:/ (He’s my favorite President for those of you who don’t know)  Hahah, check out the Race Standings.  They even had this campaign to let him win, with Teddy Roosevelt ’08 signs!  I LOVE IT!!  I also love how their numbers are the number President that they were.

and a couple more vids below the fold…

Photo by Scott Ableman.

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Oct 17 2008

DK Construction

Category: Fun, GamesJoz @ 1:00 am

We celebrated Emily’s Birthday this past weekend, and put up one of her presents, Donkey Kong re-stiks!  Emily was impressed when she saw Char‘s awesome Space Invaders ones.

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May 01 2003

NES Pinball FAQ

Category: GamesJoz @ 2:02 am

+Finished NES Pinball FAQ.

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Oct 05 2002

Electronic Arts

Category: GamesJoz @ 1:38 am

how to sell your life away..

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