Jan 10 2015

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Jan 10 2015

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Jan 10 2015

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Jan 10 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 09 2015

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Jan 08 2015

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Jan 08 2015

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Aug 09 2013


Category: Politics, SocietyJoz @ 11:21 am

You’re not living in a free country if everything you do is being recorded.

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Nov 06 2012

Final Prediction for 2012 Presidential Election

Category: PoliticsJoz @ 3:05 am


Obama – 49%

Romney – 48%

Johnson – 2%

Others – <1%


Electoral College?  Maybe something like:

Obama – 291

Romney – 247


For some reason nobody (at least in the media) is talking about Gary Johnson being a potential “spoiler” for Mitt.  Pollsters usually ask you: “If the election were today, would you vote for Obama or Romney?”, instead of giving all the options that are actually going to be on the ballot.  I don’t really understand why they do that.  Last poll that did include all candidates was Zogby from October 20th, when Romney was still peaking, and that poll (which included Johnson) had Obama up by 2%, while all the head-to-head polls had him losing to Romney. *shrugs*

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May 06 2010

Warning for the U.K.

Category: PoliticsJoz @ 1:41 am

I had thought you guys had your shit straight and held your elections on the weekend, but I guess not?? Anyway, I thought they were this weekend but I found out today that they are tomorrow, now today, polls are probably just opening.

You’ve had a long run of Labour. The atmosphere feels like you’ve been wanting to dump them out of office for the past few years. Now, you guys have the remarkably wonderful option of voting for an alternative leftish party that could actually win! We have no such option here in the U.S. and many of us are extremely jealous.

The warning: Not long ago we had a nice run of having a Democrat in the White House for 8 years, and there was some scandal involved with him, and so after him, we allowed a conservative to take over – possibly the biggest mistake the country has ever made. A lot of us were only sort-of over the Democrats running things, but BOY, what a mistake all those Bush votes were. Summary? Conservatives can fuck shit up reaaaaalll bad-like. REALLY bad. Actually, that’s what they do. David Cameron is a total politician and an idiot.  If you think Labour needs a kicking in the balls, which fuck it, they might as well, I mean you guys never made them really pay for the unreal mistake Blair made of going along with Bush (still can’t fathom how a social dem & conservative could be in bed like that, *shakes head*), then go for it, but please, vote for the Liberal Democrats. I’d love to see them shake up your political establishment anyway. Don’t mind you copying our televised debates ;-) , but you don’t need to have our same two-party only rule.  Vote Lib Dems, don’t let those Tories take over man, don’t let Cameron be your P.M.  I’m tellin you…

You’ve got a great chance to fulfill one of Morrissey’s dreams.

*pulls nose out of your business*

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Oct 05 2009

No Moore OC

Category: Politics, The O.C. LifeJoz @ 1:48 am

I was looking to watch the new Michael Moore movie this weekend (Capitalism: A Love Story), but the largest theater in Irvine, 21 screens, wasn’t running it.  Wouldn’t want people getting any ideas down here now would we?

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Oct 01 2009

Get ‘Em Grayson!

Category: PoliticsJoz @ 7:55 pm

Florida’s 8th district Representative, Democrat Alan Grayson, addressed the house a couple days ago about the healthcare issue, saying:

“The Republican health care plan is this: Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly.”

Republicans were appalled, and demanded an apology from him, so yesterday he apologized:

“Holocaust in America” is going too far, but otherwise, that’s right.

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Sep 19 2009

European Missile Shield

Category: PoliticsJoz @ 6:25 pm

I’m happy that the plans for the US European missile shield have been scrapped.  Most of Europe doesn’t want it and we don’t need to further sour relations with Russia or start another arms race.  If Europe wants a missile defense shield, it can build it.  I never liked this idea.  This is actually the type of stuff Bush Jr. ran against in 2000.

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Sep 18 2009

Baucus Healthcare Bill

Category: PoliticsJoz @ 1:08 am

…is very shitty.  No public option, yet still $800 billion, and doesn’t even require health insurance companies to not discriminate based on pre-existing conditions until 2013, after the next Presidential election.  Gee I wonder why that is, not hoping and praying by you corporate assholes that some republican somehow wins?  You guys make me sick.  You blue-dogs make me sick too.  I hope this shit goes down in flames.

Why do we have to have THE health care bill?  Can’t we take a more modular approach to this?  For example, even the republicans are willing to make insurance companies take anybody regardless of pre-existing condition and not allow a limit on how much they will cover financially (lifetime limit).  So why can’t we pass a number of smaller bills.  Get that one through first, few will disagree, it’ll pass tomorrow and could be effective immediately.  That’d already be a really good improvement.  There could be a different regulation bill, records-keeping bill, etc.  Pass what can pass.  If we don’t have enough votes in the Senate for a public option, well, what can you really do unfortunately (except pass it in reconciliation).

Maybe just make these changes that we can now, and if the public likes what Obama/dems are doing, we have more Senate seats we could pick up in 2010/2012, maybe if we get 63 or 64 dems in the Senate, then we can create a public health option.  I’m not sure why it has to be all-at-once, all-or-nothing.  Fear of no opportunity in the future and make something half-assed anyway(?) instead of confidence that people will like what we do and reward us?

I don’t know, I’m not a capitol hill expert, but it seems to me the way to really regulate healthcare would be to constantly be looking at it and working on it, not do something once every quarter-century and then let the private industry react, curcumvent, and fester on it’s own until it becomes shitty again.

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Sep 16 2009

Solar Plant to Power 3 Million Homes

Category: Politics, Society, The EnvironmentJoz @ 9:58 pm

is being built!!… in China :|   COME ON AMERICA!!!, we can’t just depend on Google for everything.  Remember when we used to be cutting edge? *sigh*

Anyway, it’ll cost China $5 billion.  /me gets out his pencil and puts on his elementary-school-student math hat:  Now, $5 billion to power 3 million homes.  That’s about $1.7 billion for one million homes.  America has about 110 million homes.  110 times 1.7 billion equals $187 billion…

…so, that would cost us $187 billion to do for all our homes.  The war in Iraq wasted $700 billion.  So, if we spent only 25% of that money on solar power here in the US, we’d have every single home powered for free.  Figure we use more electricity than the average Chinese home, and that construction costs are higher here, maybe that’ll push it to 50% or 75% of the cost of the Iraq war?  Hell, take that other 25% and start powering apartments and businesses since we’re done with homes, and since we’re still spending money on Iraq, maybe by the time that’s all done and paid for we could have had free infinite power for the entire country.  Are we running out of money to power everything in my math here?  Hmmm.. I have those Afghanistan war costs somewhere here…

Oh and by the way, this would reduce our carbon footprint by about a gazillion times!  Maybe we could all have electric cars, and never have to pay for the energy to run them – even less pollution!  You might not even mind paying extra for them, because you’d NEVER EVER HAVE TO BUY ENERGY TO USE THEM!!  The lord and earth would love it and say

Finally, they’ve not only seen the light, but they’ve used it!

The second coming of Jesus Christ might even occur due to such delight.  He might be like “Whattup, I know some of you thought I was supposed to come back when stuff was real bad or whatever, but meh, I had to use it now instead cause I just had to personally give props.  Word!” *poof*

But NO, we couldn’t possibly spend that much money on that!!  Are you crazy?

*rolls eyes*

I have a feeling that “we couldn’t even possibly spend that much money on it” even if there were no war.

Anyway go ahead China, let the clowning begin.  I’ve got my smile on and my eyes closed, ready for that pie in the face…

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Sep 06 2009

Childhood Indoctrination

Category: Politics, SocietyJoz @ 1:07 pm

Right-wingers are up in arms over the President addressing America’s children in a back-to-school video.  They think he’s going to indoctrinate them into socialism (even communism according to some freaks), and some of these parents are having their kids not go to school that day.

My take on this is: if a sitting president has a positive approval rating, it shouldn’t really be a big deal.

Actual indoctrination of children that goes on all the time:

  1. Making them say a pledge of allegiance starting before they can even write, when they don’t know what the hell it means.
  2. Forcing a religion onto a child.
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Jun 11 2009

Socialist Cars

Category: Politics, SocietyJoz @ 12:00 pm

Gotta love good ol’ Ed Schultz.  I agree with him on most things, and especially with both of these guys in the vid, but he also had me laughing pretty hard how he worked himself up and was going off:

LOL. Is there a word for cheering and laughing simultaneously? Oh man, if only Chris Farley were around to do an even more ridiculous version of it on SNL, he’d be perfect.

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