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My friend Matthew Oertle perhaps best described it when in a dazed within-sleep state he announced: "The web has turned into one big tooth." We coined phrases such as "thats teeth" meaning that something is bad or it sucks. It's some sort of derivitive of "I'm gonna knock your teeth out" or something along those lines. Either way, the web sucks these days. I remember when I got online in 96 it was great, it hadn't turned to ass yet, but it didn't take long after that. The downfall happened somewhere toward the end of the millennium. Basically the web got very commercialized very quick and a lot of the originality of it started to fade. Companies, money, profits, portals, services, flash flash flash (everybody make sure to use Flash animation on your websites or else!!), popup-ads, ads in general. OVER IT!

Not to say that it's all bad. I welcome some of the services that make real-world things easier of course, but the web just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. It's no longer the mysterious, you never know what you're going to surf onto thing it once was. It's like you always know what you're going to surf onto exactly these days. It used to be that you would type in your favorite video game title in a search engine and you'd find tons of personally made sites by fans of the game. Do the same today and you will have to sift through at least three pages of game reviews by different online gaming sites before you get anything original. In addition, so much personal content out there is so fucking generic that I could puke. Probably because these days any idiot can have their own website (just look at me!), you don't need to know anything about FTP anymore even. If you're going to make a webpage, do it the proper way, you lazy fucking slunks. {God forbid that you actually learn something!} And everything else is run by corporations. The web has sold out. Rather, the web has been sold out by business. Thats about all I have to say, I try to keep my site from having much opinionated stuff, but I just had to let this one out. One of the reasons I claim IRC as my favorite part of the net, because it hasn't turned to ass like the web! ..yet.

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